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Tiniest Horse Saved From 'Kill Pen' Can't Stop Kissing Everyone Now That He's Safe

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The Dodo


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The Dodo


Rescued Donkeys Are Obsessed With Their Favorite Little Girl

The Downward Dog Travels


A girl and her pup hit the open the road looking for adventure around every corner. One of their stops is here at Sycamore Tree Ranch. 

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For every print you buy, 50% of the proceeds go to helping animal sanctuaries around the world. 

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Koby and Chad Wegge founded Sycamore Tree Ranch – an all-animal rescue – shortly after they moved to the Springtown area in the summer of 2016. The couple hopes to expand their rescue into a therapeutic center and eventually a transitional housing for veterans. Photo by Christina Derr

Just west of Springtown sits an animal rescue that is unlike most. Instead of everyday house pets like cats and dogs, or very specific exotic animals, Sycamore Tree Ranch takes in any animal that comes their way – but especially farm animals. Founders Koby and Chad Wegge are currently caring for 27 goats, 14 horses, seven donkeys, seven dogs, two pigs, a handful of peacocks, chickens, ducks, farm cats, two cows, and a mule – all rescues.