Meet the Ranch

Every animal here at Sycamore Tree Ranch has their own unique story and past. Many of them were abandoned, neglected, or abused. But thankfully, they will never know that former life again. In a loving and safe environment, each animal will be able to live to their full potential.

Sometimes life can throw some hard curves, however; it is not where you start, but where you end up that matters. 




Lincoln was one of four baby donkeys saved from the kill pen. Along with Thelma, Louise, and Ragnar. But she is most bonded to her friend Ragnar. They are inseparable now and will never know the horrors of the kill pen again. 



When our four rescue baby donkeys first came to the Ranch, you could not get within 50 feet of them. Now they love all the hugs they can get! Ragnar is our only full size male donkey and he takes his role as field protector very seriously. If you find yourself being followed by a pair of long-ears, you can guess it will be Ragnar!



Our Thelma and Louise were rescued as babies from a kill pen here in Texas. They were going to be sent to Mexico to be used for their hides. Now they get to live out their days here at Sycamore Tree Ranch together. 



Louise is the quieter and smaller of the four babies donkeys that we rescued. She was very nervous around people when she first came here but now she is the first one to come up for a hug.



These sweet brothers are happy to eat all the treats you have to offer and they will throw their dish around when they think it's dinner time! 



Gus, the smaller and spunkier of the two brothers, will be one of the first to greet you here at STR. 



Dorothy came to us as an owner surrender. She had very abscessed hooves and the two front are club-footed. She is still in the healing process but stealing our hearts more everyday! 



Ruby is actually a miniature paint mule. We rescued her from a kill pen the day she was supposed to ship to slaughter. We are so thankful that we saved her in time as she is the sweetest most loving equine at STR. And her favorite thing? A good back rub! 



Beatrice was rescued from a kill pen right as she was about to be loaded on the truck bound for slaughter. Thankfully someone spotted her and we were able to get her here to safety. 

Miniature Horses



Apache is a spunky boy that loves his freedom here at Sycamore Tree Ranch and all the friends that he has made. 



Contrary to her name, this little one is a ray of sunshine! Cloud is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets.



Still adjusting to a life of freedom, Margot continues to learn to trust humans. After many months of gentle progress, she will now willingly take treats from your hand.



Clyde was very neglected with overgrown hooves that caused him pain and made it very difficult for him to even walk. After a long process of getting his hooves back to their proper shape, he is now able to run around with the other mini horses. He is a sweetheart and the softest horse around!



Popeye came to us with his girlfriend Olive from a neglect case. This sweet boy may only have one eye but that doesn’t slow Pops down. 



Olive is bigger than your average miniature horse but she doesn't seem to know that - she loves being with all of her mini friends here at STR. Though Popeye and Clyde seem to be her favorites!



Sweet little Penelope is loaded with personality! We rescued her from a kill pen here in Texas. She has the most fun-loving character and is the first one to the fence for a treat. 



Ranger and Priscilla were rescued from the kill pen together. Ranger was so protective of his sweet little lady that he wouldn't leave her side there. We just knew that we had to keep them together.



Priscilla is a real beauty with her one blue eye and one brown eye. She was so bonded to Ranger at the kill pen and we are so glad that we were able to rescue them and let them spend the rest of their lives with each other. 



Handsome little Royal, was another kill pen rescue. He came to us very underweight, terrified of people, and with a horrible shoulder injury causing him to limp. It has been a slow road to his recovery but he is much better than when he first arrived. 

Tater Trot


Tater Trot gives us all hair envy! He is also a save from a kill pen. He was a stallion when he was rescued, although he is no longer, he definitely still has all of his spunk! Tater is still on the shy side but loves hanging out with his other mini horse friends. 



Fiona and her son, Flint were rescued from a neglect case. Although you wouldn't know it because she is very sweet and loves attention. 



Flint was nearly feral when he came to us from a neglect case. Unlike his mama, Fiona, he is more hesitant when it comes to affection but he learns more trust everyday. 



Orphaned at a kill pen at only five months old, sweet little Star was rescued by another great local rescue that brought her to STR to spend all her days loved and never alone again. 



This beautiful little girl came to us from another rescue. She had been saved from the kill pen with a broken hip. Thankfully she has healed well but still has a prominent limp so she is unable to be with the majority of horses. But she is a match-made-in-heaven to Royal, our other little mini with an old shoulder injury. We are so glad that we were able to bring these two sweethearts together. 




At 34 years old, Selmer is our oldest resident. Once a high school rodeo horse, then passed from family to family, he now will spend his golden days in retirement here. 



Phoenix was an owner surrender due to him having eye cancer and needing immediate costly surgery. We were able to fundraise for his surgery in which he had his eye removed. But even with only one eye, he is trusting and friendly and the guardian of the mini horses. 





Miss Eleanor is a pot-bellied big with big personality! If you have some treats for her, she will be your best friend! Eleanor came to live with us when she was only a few days old. She is also an international traveler, as she has come on vacation with us to Canada and across the United States.



Sika means "pig" in Finnish. She is a lover of belly rubs and sweet treats (she is not as keen on vegetables as Miss Eleanor however). Originally sold as a "mini-pig", it is evident that mini-pigs don't stay so mini. But we love our big girl anyways!


Saved from the Dog Meat Industry in China

Betty came to us all the way from China! She was used for breeding and then would have been sent to slaughter if a rescue hadn't saved her. When we saw her sweet face, we just knew that she had to come spend her best years here in Texas on the sanctuary - being loved and part of a family. 

If you are interested in rescuing a dog from the meat trade overseas, a great organization (that we rescued Betty from) is called Second Chance Dogs & Cats China.